Young Buck Talks Getting Out Of Prison, Collaborating With Old G-Unit

12.02.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

The Young Buck Fan Society. We’re a small – but extremely dedicated – group hailing from different races, creeds and genders, all bound by our appreciation for and devotion to the majestic wordplay of David Darnell Brown, known to mainstream America as “Young Buck.”

We accepted the news of his incarceration with great stoicism, did everything but offer the rapper a couch to sleep on when it was learned that the IRS would be seizing everything (including his name), and eagerly awaited his prison-era releases.

Naturally, we’re thrilled to report the first positive Buck story to surface since he became a free man again on October 1, 2013. Although the following YouTube clip is little more than the rapper enthusiastically telling a local news station about his positive state of mind (graduating from high school and giving back to his community will probably do that to you), it’s good to hear that things might finally be looking up for the former G-Unit star.

And being completely honest with ourselves, we might never again hear “Bloodhound”-era Buck, even if he is supposed to be working with the likes of Game and Wacka Flocka. But if there really is some sort of late-career renaissance ahead, we’ll be nothing but happy. It’s been too long since yelling “GET’EM BUCK” was a thing that people do.

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