Young Buck Has The Plan To Save 50 Cent

05.27.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

“Throwback Thursday, ballin, damn I think I’m Jim Jones
Yasss bitch I just touchdown, dancing in the end zone
I thought you was ruined, What the f**k have you been doing?
Somebody go tell 50 go get Buck we need a reunion.”

Disclaimer: Young Buck, despite being one of my favorite what-ifs in rap, does not sound good over the “Yasss Bitch” beat. He just doesn’t.

But what’s this? A 50 Cent reference? And not of the pissy, f***-Fiddy-for-doing-me-wrong variety? Hard to tell from here if Buck is being sincere or clowning on his former boss/nemesis’ floundering career. Buck’s alpha dog nature and the fact that he doesn’t owe Fif another dime would suggest the latter, but literally everything else about his career would suggest the former.

I’ll choose to believe that he was trolling. Because I want Buck to win, and after a while that might be the only way.

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