Young Chris, Old Chris, Chris…

06.17.08 10 years ago 31 Comments

Heard in my Gmail

Gottyâ„¢ – Who’s fuckin with Young Chris?

Wit-E – This is the cat from Chris & Neef from the old Rocafella right?

Gottyâ„¢ – Yeah, the one who stayed grindin while Neef (“them Youngunaz Chris and Lil’ Neefy“) slipped away. Remember “Tough Love?

Wit-E – Crazy u sent this song…I actually used this beat for a Myspace battle about 3 yrs ago….I had totally 4got about it; shit was pretty funny.

Boogie Tonight – So when does he become “Old Chris” or just plain “Chris”?

MZ – According to Industry rule 4081: “Young” is permanent & “Lil” can be removed. Unless you come into the game before the age of 16. In that case, “Young” or “Lil” can be removed.

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