Young Dolph Blows Endless Dope While Counting Up And Catches A ‘Missed Count’

12.02.15 2 years ago

Lean, bad b*tches and trap houses: three things we have come to expect every time we hear or see Young Dolph. Thankfully, with such a small amount of pillars to his character, Dolph can consistently deliver and he continues to bat 1.000 with “Missed Count.” For those among us who have ever been interrupted between tallying the 9000th and 10,000th dollar, the pain of starting that paper count again will resonate close to your heart.

Strip clubs aside, the videos continue to get better in quality, lighting and… f**k it – Dolph is getting money and keeping it obvious. Memphis’ top shotta takes us into the trap to bag up and snap elastics around his bricks of money while blowing smoke and flashing his jewels. Given how comfortable he appears in these environments, it feels like the scene was much the same 5 years ago before the cameras started following Dolph and now he just has an entourage with HD camcorders.

The DJ Squeeky-produced cut originates from Shittin’ on the Industry and more shockumentary pieces are on the way. Low-key, Dolph has been on his Gucci this year with nonstop projects and matching visuals. Expect the domination to continue well past the midnight hour on Dec 31st.

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