Young Dro Feat. Decatur Slim – “On Set” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

09.20.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

DJ Burn One. Phil Jackson. What do the two men have in common? I’m glad you asked. They both inhale considerable amounts of weed and both are two of the best at crafting championship material. And if Burn One manages to breathe air into the career of Young Dro, he deserves to sit in that big ass chair Phil always sat in on the sideline.

“On Set,” which features production from the aforementioned Zen Master of production and a verse from Decatur Slim, is an aggressive Dro which has been M.I.A. in many, many colorful moons. It was so aggressive, in fact, I’m wondering what the result would have been had Burn’s backdrop amped itself up maybe two notches more in intensity. That said, I’m not a producer and the closest I’ve come to such is doing the “Grindin'” beat on a lunch table back in high school.

My hope for Ralph Lauren Reefa is that it revitalizes Young Dro. Then seeing that new and improved Dro gets T.I. to want to work with him again. T.I. and Dro working together again is always a great thing. And once they’re working together, Burn One begins working with both. Then, after years of waiting, I’d finally get to hear Tip burn one to Burn One. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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