Young Dro – “Freeze Me”

03.18.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Froze me too, Dro. Yes, I’m partial to the sweater because I have it too. But seriously. Greatest. Promo. Picture. Ever. I had to stop all my packing and scuttering around to make sure both this track and that picture were a part of today’s activities.

Dro, that’s all nigga, Car don’t come out ’til fall nigga, Whip a nigga ass with a tall nigga…fuck you boy you lame as hell, and them niggas that came with you, they lame as well.”

*Spins around in computer chair, both feet in the air*


Download — Young Dro – “Freeze Me” (Prod. by Beat Billionaire)

Praises: DGB

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