Young Dro Claims He’s Spent More Money On Polo Gear Than Most People Will Make In Their Lifetime

05.27.15 3 years ago 7 Comments

If you’re someone who doesn’t buy a lot of new clothes, this quick hitter about Young Dro will blow your mind. During a recent sit down with DJ Smallz Eyes, the stylish Hustle Gang member was chatting about his affinity for Ralph Lauren, when he was asked a question about his Polo collection that caught him somewhat off guard.

Smallz Eyes: How much do you think – if you could add it up and put it all together in your head and put a rough estimate – how much do you think you’ve spent on Ralph Lauren?

Dro: Really? I don’t know…About five mill. Something like that. Over my career.

Smallz Eyes: What’s the most expensive piece you’ve purchased from Ralph Lauren.

Dro: A $7,500 piece. $10,000. That was like a cardigan. Real good piece.

Yes, you read that correctly. Young Dro has spent five million dollars on Polo gear. He has spent more money on his clothes than the majority of us will make in our entire life.

The crazy thing is – considering he was constantly claiming the brand for around ten years and even named his second album P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once) – Dro had to have been comped a decent amount of ‘Lo gear to boot. Meaning, he probably didn’t need to pay to stay Polo’ed down in the first place, but did anyways.

Say what you want about Young Dro, but at least he doesn’t fake the funk.

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