Young Dro Drops Two New Mixtapes, ‘Black Label’ & ‘Purple Label’

04.21.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


TSS loves Dro. Well, except for that period when Yung LA had Dro doing all sorts of weird futuristic stuff with his music that we’d all been better off forgetting that it ever happened. But we love Dro nonetheless, even if the peak days of his popularity are long, long gone.

Unfortunately for the one man Polo heist himself, his decision to drop his dual set of mixtapes – Black Label and Purple Label – fell on deaf ears (for the most part) yesterday due to the NBA playoffs. With a few hours to spare before that party kicks back up again tonight, give our man a listen and see what descriptive colors he’ll peg his car, clothes and women.

DownloadYoung Dro – Purple Label

DownloadYoung Dro – Black Label

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