Someone Bought Young Dro A Young Drone For His ‘We In Da City’ Video

04.27.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

It looks like someone in Dro’s crew copped a drone for their big homey’s GoPro. Damn near every other shot in his new video for “We In Da City” comes from high above the streets of ATL. The banger brings everything we expect from a Young Dro tune including thundering basslines, ignorant boasts and enough chest pounding to cave a rib in. We know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s been quite a while since we heard him going in like this.

Decked out in his trademark colorful gear, Dro proves he hasn’t lost a step when he wants to rap like a champ. The problem is, with huge gaps between releases and a questionable work ethic, how bad does he really want it? Don’t look now but “Shoulder Lean,” inches towards being a decade old. Maybe he’s fine with having that hit under his belt?

Anyway, if Dro continues to drop records like this, we ought to keep an ear out for his new material.

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