FYI: Young Jeezy Changed His Name

09.05.13 4 years ago 27 Comments

Young Jeezy woke up one day and realized he was now a 35-year-old rapper who had no business being called “Young Jeezy.”

From henceforth, Jay Wayne Jenkins, better known to fans as “Young Jeezy,” will now simply go by the stage name “Jeezy.” Speaking with MTV’s RapFix, Jizzle attributed the name change to both growing up and getting his coins up. “I’m a grown now,” he explained. “It sounds good because when I came in the game that’s who I was and that was my state of mind, but I’m a grown man. Those zeros get to adding up, you gotta drop the ‘young.'”

And there you have it. Young Jeezy is dead. Whether you care about this name change or anything Jeezy has done as of late is on you.

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