Young Jeezy – “We Done It Again”

11.07.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

“See, one thing about my people we got pride/We work till we get laid off and not fired…”

Young Jeezy’s 2008 political anthem, “My President (Is Black),” became the Obama administration’s official theme song amongst the Hip-Hop community. Not to be confused with Miss Cleo, Young glares into his magic eight ball once more and delivers yet another record in support of Michelle’s hubby, “We Done It Again.”

The title, at least on the surface, dictates a record with the usual backings – deafening base line, egregious hook and lyrics teetering on comical and ignorant. In reality, however, Jeezy went left field, opting for a more informative approach. With less than three minutes to drive his point home, the Snowman explains his notion – as well as that of the streets his music represents – behind granting President Obama four more years to fix what was handed to him in 2008.

What “We Done It Again” lacked in instant infectiousness, the message remains embedded on one true principal. Young’s still down for Barack, and apparently America still is too.

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