Young Paper – “Tha City Paper” Video

08.13.09 8 years ago 28 Comments

Young Paper’s been on the local scene forever, right alongside Buck, Star & every other name you can think of that’s claimed Nashville in their rhymes. Always shown potential but never seemed to get more burn than the barbershops & corner spots. But this one here? He shouts out every Nashville hood, a few notable dead hustlers & street figures so I’ll give him his props and this nod in hopes that he makes a handful of new fans outside of the 615. With the way he chops his flow, let’s consider this “Broken Language” 2009, the Nashville version and welcome to Cashville. Annnddd, he shot it in Hadley Park. That’s how you serve your city proud.

So even if you never hear of him in your hood, we’re listening to Paper here.

Download — Young Paper – “Tha City Paper”

Props to CKD for the dime.

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