Young Scooter – “Fake Gold” (Prod. Zaytoven)

By: 05.06.13

Gucci’s old cellmmate might be locked up for another eight months, but that doesn’t mean his team won’t flood the streets with new music on his behalf. Young Scooter’s not a fan of “Fake Gold,” and apparently by extension, Versace chains. “Fake Gold” feels like more of a glimpse into Scooter’s personality than his previous work.

Equally humorous and blunt over Zaytoven’s production, some of the lyrical euphemisms include “How the f*ck you real but your chains fake?” and “Why the f*ck you wear your jewelry to your court date?” I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that Scooter didn’t show up to his sentencing in his finest Versace.

Word on the e-streets is that Street Lottery 2 will be out on July 4th.

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