Count Music: Young Scooter’s ‘Street Lottery 2’ Mixtape

01.04.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

young scooter street lottery 2

Young Scooter is more real and true to himself than most of us, and he doesn’t care what we think about him, lest of all some little blogger girl across the country who is interviewing him for TSS.

But I like Scooter. His publicist reached out, and I liked him even more after chopping it up over the sketchy phone connection with him. He just doesn’t care what everyone else has to think about him, or the extraneous crap that’s going on around him. He just…doesn’t care.

Based on what we chatted about, I could tell that both Gucci Mane and Future are driving and influential people to him. Their hunger and work ethic, among everything he could have mentioned, is what he highlighted, saying that their success shows him that he can be as big as he wants to be.

I know what you’re thinking, and I was wondering the same thing.

After an uncomfortably long five-second pause (I counted on my recorder), Scooter answered how he and Gucci ended up bunking together while they were locked up. Well, sort of.

“I don’t know how that happened,” the bewilderment in his voice slicing through our shoddy connection. He seemed as surprised by it as the rest of the world, aka the rap blogosphere.

Clearly, specifics like that are of no concern to him, and I can respect that.

The explosion of Versace, and subsequent embracing of the brand, had little effect on Scooter. “Fake Gold” came out before he went away, and he denounces dudes with their faux-gold chains, specifically Versace jewelry. Some time goes by, and “Versace” is arguably the song of the summer.

Some more silence followed me asking if he would be rocking some of Donatella’s chains, and he responded, emphatically for him, “mm-mm, I got real gold.”

For as aloof as Scooter sounds, he’s not a fan of the “swagger-jacking rappers” who are glorifying a life that isn’t theirs to glorify. Plenty of his music deals with fake people, so much to the point that it seems to bother him more than he lets on.

“I just keep going and being myself, you know what I’m saying?” he responded to how he stays sane.

To give some more context to his music, it’s not just trap rap. He has described his flavor as “count music,” as in it’s the soundtrack to count your money to. Now, I’m not sure how much I can relate to needing an entire mixtape to count all our money to (I’m pretty sure an intro would be more than sufficient for me).

As a shockingly no-nonsense type of guy, I was slightly surprised at Scooter’s love for his fans. While he was locked up, he mailed handwritten letters out to his fans that of course made their way to the internet, because of course they would. You can read them right here if you missed them.

“I know my music touches a lot of people and I have lots of fans depending on me,” he explained. “I wanted to write ‘em and let ‘em know that…and I’m still going to be doing what I do when I get out.”

Street Lottery 2 is superior to Cell Block Music, which dropped during his time away. He promised that there would be a “whole lotta energy, whole lotta money talking, different tempos, it’s just going to be crazy.”

Listen to his new tape below and make your own judgments. Of course, Scooter won’t care one way or another whether you like it and him or not.

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