These Videos Of Young Thug Boxing Are Pretty Sad

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08.01.15 12 Comments

It’s a good thing Young Thug gets along with Gucci Mane, because if Thugger ever had to squab with Gucci, he just might get his ass kicked.

A trainer out of Memphis, TN named Donnie Young, whom you may recognize as the trainer from the infamous Gucci Mane boxing video, recently went to the Thug household to help train the rapper and his family in the pugilistic arts. Clearly, the rapper is an amateur because the video of the session is pretty embarrassing. There’s Thug, out on bail for various weapons and drug charges, throwing his best 1-2 and wide hooks at Young’s mitts.

To make matters worse, Young is also training Thugger’s sister, and she seems to have a tad more snap on her punches.


Here’s some more of Thug’s “boxing.” Apparently, he “don’t get tired.”


And another video of him punching a baby, because why not.


I guess there’s a reason Thug had a house full of guns and shooters on standby.

(Via Donnie Young)

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