Young Thug May Really Be The Most Interesting Rapper In The World

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Seriously, how hard is it to be interesting to people when your raps are so incoherent that nobody really understands what the hell you’re rapping about anyway? That aside, today I learned Young Thug is interesting as hell when he isn’t jibber-jabbering on the mic.

GQ ran a really cool feature on Thugger Thugger and shared some fascinating facts about the 24-year-old rapper. For starters, I learned Young Thug has a different definition for the word sexy, which comes as a relief because there was concern Thugger was a pedophile after he supposedly called a little boy sexy on social media. As it turns out, sexy is just what he says when he likes something or someone. “He calls a Gucci shirt sexy,” says the GQ writer who spent two days getting to know Thugger. “He calls men sexy, and women he flirts with. He recently called the 2-year-old son of a woman he was flirting with online sexy.”

At 6’3″, Young Thug keeps his malnourished frame by going days without sleep or food, opting for lean, Xanax, weed and Molly, instead. Thugger doesn’t like to eat, apparently. So, how the hell is he still alive? “On the third of every month, a doctor shows up at his mansion near Buckhead and injects him with vitamins. All the greens, he says, to keep me healthy.” Sourcing a former friend, GQ claims Thug goes days without sleeping, takes his drugs and then hibernates for 24 to 48 hours.

Rappers also pay big money to have the popular entertainer, real name Jeffery William, work his gibberish-y magic on tracks, with GQ noting a figure of $50,000 for a verse. Show money is just as good. The rapper reportedly gets paid at least $50,000 per appearance. And he totally needs it since he can’t turn down a high-stakes dice game, and because he has six children by four women and a sh*load of brothers and sisters.

He is one of 11 children, dropped out of high school, had his first child at 17. He grew up in Section 8 housing in a very poor, violent part of Atlanta. He had nothing, his first manager says, when he began rapping. Like, a few shirts, a pair of shoes. He was shy then. He didn’t have the gold front teeth yet; his teeth were rotted, discolored. He covered them with his hand when he talked.

And if you couldn’t tell by the way he dresses in women’s clothes or calls his male friends affectionate names, Young Thug is the epitome of not giving an iota of a f**k. GQ didn’t even think they were going to get any words from the rapper at all, citing the one time he “got up, walked out of the room, went to the airport and flew away” while right in the middle of an interview. But he did, to tell the publication how much he doesn’t “give a f**k” about anything. “No feelings,” he says.

Given his crazy lifestyle, Thug’s former manager has him being in jail or dead in 10 years, while Thug’s a bit more optimistic, telling GQ, “[On] top of the world. You know where. Where everybody want to be.” Yeah, I don’t know about all that, but props to him for at least thinking it.

(Via GQ)

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