Your 2009 Spring Style Guide

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Words By Jason Hortillas

Winter’s dying down thankfully (Southwest U.S. readers disregard) so I had to re-up with another batch of gear picks for you guys. This time around, I enlisted Felson & Jason, the editors of SwipeLife, a men’s lifestyle website. After reading their work, I honestly had to step back and admit, I don’t know jack when it comes to next level schwag. Thankfully we got them here to break down their picks for Spring ’09.

Here’s what they have to say about their season selections:

Spring can only mean three things – sunny weather, more outdoor activities and pretty girls in skirts. And when it comes to those pretty girls in skirts, you definitely should know how to clean up if you want to get noticed at least. Spring weather will always call for brighter colors, but you don’t have to look like a bag of Skittles to get your fashion statement across. Remember to go light on the hues and always mix with neutrals for balance. Earth tones never fail as well, so play it safe within the spectrum of tans and greens if you’re unsure.

HATS — For Spring, try on lighter colors and new patterns like seersucker or summer plaid. Don’t like fitteds? Try snap backs, five panels or drivers caps. Here are some of our choices.

1. 3sixteen – Grey Seersucker Fitted
2. Supreme – Summer Plaid Five Panel
3. Brixton – Hooligan Multi-plaid Houndstooth Drivers Cap
4. Quiet Life – Square Pattern Five Panel
5. New Era – City Script 59 Fifty (New York Mets)
6. New Era – World Baseball Classic (Panama)

TEES — Tees are essential because it’ll probably be the most comfortable thing you’ll wear throughout the season. Pick graphics that are simple and don’t get too crazy with big letters and crazy patterns. A tee is simple and so the graphic should be also.

1. Nike – Nike Sports Wear The Standard T-Shirt
2. UNDRCRWN – Mos Def Collection Flag T-Shirt
3. No Mas – New York Tricks T-Shirt
4. Benny Gold – Gold Label T-Shirt
5. Obey – Run Away Crew
6. Gap – Perfect Pocket T

POLOS — Polos are a step above tees and can be worn in a more sophisticated way. For Spring, we suggest rugby polos with contrasting collars. You can never go wrong with a basic color also and remember to keep those collars down please.

1. Ralph Lauren Rugby – Big Kicker Tipped Polo
2. Heritage 1981 – Layered Collar Shirt
3. H&M – Tennis Polo
4. Gap – Short Sleeve Pique Polo
5. Staple – Casey long Sleeve Polo

BUTTON DOWNS — Button downs are great because you can transition from a whole day of activities to a nice dinner without having to change. This season we suggest chambrays, madras prints and the always essential oxford.

1. J. Crew – Chambray Shirt
2. Staple – Oxford
3. Gap – Madras Shirt
4. Uniqlo – Madras Check Shirt
5. Carhartt – Clerk Motel Shirt
6. Analog – Gonz Shirt

DENIM — Don’t stray too far away when it comes to denim. Sure there’s expensive Japanese selvege denim, but there’s a recession going on if you haven’t noticed. Stick to these reliable brands and you’ll be surprised how well they fit and feel.

1. A.P.C. – New Standard Denim
2. Uniqlo – Light Regular Fit Jeans
3. Levi’s – 501 Shrink-To-Fit

SHORTS — Ignore the denim shorts this season and go with some lightweight fabrics. This is where it’s important to keep colors simple, but definitely experiment with patterns that are more subtle.

1. Uniqlo – DI Plaid Shorts

2. Burton – Hoolie Shorts

3. Stussy – Harrington Stripe Shorts

4. Carhartt – Primary Bermuda Check Shorts

5. Staple – Minnow Shorts

6. 10.Deep – East Flastbush Shorts

SWEATERS & LIGHT JACKETS — Sweaters and light jackets are essential for those breezy nights. Just because you’ve been running around all day in just a tee, doesn’t mean that the weather will remain when the sun goes down. Cover up, or better yet, keep your girlfriend warm in one of these.

1. J. Crew – Crew Sweatshirt
2. ALIFE – Street Drop Crew
3. Maiden Noir – Thermal Raglan
4. UNDRCRWN – Varsity Sweater
5. Nike – Windrunner
6. Stussy – Increase The Peace Baseball Jacket

SNEAKERS & SHOES — Oh the Hype! Forget limited editions and $500 Jordans for a moment and explore some other shoes that are just as good, if not, better than those things you have to line up for just to keep in a box or sell on eBay.

1. Nike – Air Pegasus 89
2. Adidas – Jagwire
3. Clae – Rollins
4. Pointer Footwear – Cargo
5. PF Flyers – Albin
6. Alife – Chaser

ACCESSORIES — Adorn yourself with some accessories because in the end, it’s all about the details. Whether its bags for computers, sunglasses for the sun, or belts to keep your pants up, just make sure that what you got is helping you function throughout the day.

1. Incase – 15 Inch Nylon Sleeve Plus
2. Incase – Protective iPhone Cover
3. Super – Sunglasses (Crystal)
4. A.P.C. – Braided Cotton Belt
5. Nike SB – Military Wallet
6. 3sixteen – For Sabre Vision Sundays (Amber)
7. Lomo – Diana Camera
8. Nixon – Banks Leather Watch
9. Brixton – Sling (Antique Silver Caribiner)
10. Gravis – Metro Bag Baltic

About Felson – Felson Sajonas is the chief editor of – a men’s style magazine that specializes in men’s fashion and men’s interests. Prior to starting SwipeLife, he was an assistant editor at the popular street culture website, A Parsons Fashion Marketing graduate, his interests are not only limited to fashion, but in other sectors as well such as tech, cars, film, music and more. When he’s not running SwipeLife, Felson enjoys trying new things when given the chance. Currently, he is learning Muay Thai without plans of actually fighting anyone.

About Jason – Jason Rodriguez is managing editor at He is an engineer by trade, but has deep interest in all things cool such as street culture, architecture, design and art. Jason always seems to be in the know when it comes to emerging trends. If he predicts that Mexican blanket scarves will be the rage next season, then you better brace yourself when everyone on the streets will be wearing them.

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