Your 2009 Winter Style Guide

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Words By Jason Hortillas

Starting off the new year right, TSS is going in hard and what better way to do that than to introduce new segments into the fold. I, for one, am not the authority when it comes to gear. Luckily, I have some peoples who are. So I hit up my man Romeo “Rex” Tanghal, a major New York designer at Marc Ecko – maybe you heard of the brand. Jokes aside, I asked him what he thought about this winter season and he made some suggestions that would put you ahead of the rest in looking your best for the ’09.

What Rex says about this upcoming season:

“Fuck talking bout the recession… that shit IS depressing. Time’s have been tough, and it’s about time we dress appropriately. We’re backing our dude come 2009 as part of the clean up crew and there’s a sense of pride in the air. American heritage is back. Workwear is back. High-end fashion labels and small streetwear labels alike are taking note and producing their own take producing tough clothes with functional details. Think back when your favorite emcees used to rock Polo, Carhartt, Woolrich and Dickies and there you go.”

With no further adieu, Rex’s buying tips for the current winter season.

Head Gear — For winter there’s always the quintessential beanie. It comes in all forms and can be found on every corner…but if you find the need to stand out the crowd, it’s all about hunting down the “Elmer Fudd” version of your favorite style of cap.

1. Supreme “Chore Quilted Hat”: Workwear inspired canvas fitted hat with flannel lining. Tough.

2. Kangol Tweed “Bugatti” Cap: Like my grand pop used to wear.

3. Still Life NYC “Carver” Cap: Butter leather perfection.

Kicks — Put all the J’s back on ice, In my mind you have two choices this winter for stomping through the sludge…. work boots or hiking boots.

1. Visvim X Supreme Serra Boots: Two companies with die hard followings collab on two colorways. Get in line.

2. Red Wing Classic Boots: These have been my go to boots for the last couple years. Rugged as shit, but comfy as hell once you break them in.

Inner Layers: Flannels, Cardigans, Hoodies — Yeah… all essentials that everyone needs in their closets every winter, but it’s the little details that’ll make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Spend the extra loot for strong, quality pieces and you’ll be able to rock these pieces for years to come.

1. Staple Scalene Double Pocket Shirt: Comes with a built in handkerchief. Perfect for one upping your usual blue work shirt.

2. Maiden Noir For Union: Flipping the classic flannel with sportsman like details, elbow pads and leather patches.

3. Staple “Tibal Plaid Shirt”: Comes with a matching neck tie. Grown man, but not too far gone.

4. Polo by Ralph Lauren “Shawl Neck Sweater”: Polo will always be a mainstay in fashion. While other companies chase trends, the company has stuck to their guns and kept it classic Americana. Tons of pockets and padding to bring out the sportsman in you.

5. J. Crew “Cashmere cable shawl cardigan”: Everyone needs a good cashmere piece in their closet. Soft and warm as fuck.

6. Winiche & Co. “Hooded Sailer Parka”: The new Brooklyn/Japanese brand flips your otherwise mundane hoodie with a wooden button and rope detail.


1. Arcteryx “Theta AR Jacket”: North Face will always remain a classic, but lets face it every lil’ snot nosed grade schooler on the train is rocking one. If you’re ready to step your game up, invest in an Arc’teryx. These Gore-Tex jackets have a die hard following…and for good reason. Trust me this shit will keep you toasty. If dudes are out scaling Mt. Everest in one, you’ll be good trekking down the block.

2. Moncler: These French luxury vests have been the favorite of the Euro upperclass, douchebags for years, but you still can’t deny it’s quality. One day, I was walking past Barney’s downtown and I saw a dude come flying out with a stack of Moncler vests getting chased by security….so you know there’s definitely a demand for them in the hood.

3. US Navy Style Peat Coat: Just classic. Everyone needs a pea coat in their closet and every company makes one. This one is only $162 and is made to the same specs as naval coat made for the Department of Defense. Features a nylon quilted liner and a vent back. Done deal.

4. Moncler X Collete “Flannel Down Jacket”: Moncler does it again, this time they collab with the French boutique Collette for this down jacket made of light flannel wool with black striped piping and front M-65 pockets with a detachable hood.


APC New Standard Denim: During winter, dark denim is a must. Once I find something I like I stick with it and APC selvedge denim is my shit. They just fit well… adjusts to your body the more you wear them and have straight clean back pockets. No unnecessary embroideries. No frills. Just quality.


1. Bedwin “Narrow Magoo Scarf”: Clean takes on the traditional military scarves.

2. Peckham Rye Silk Cannabis Scarf: Sophisticated looking from a far but on some stoner steez up close. Reminds me of middle school when the Chronic dropped and kids would get detention for rocking those cannabis leaf snapback caps. Those kids only sort of grew up.

3. Barbour fingerless gloves: Mittens are suspect and gloves feel too constricting to me. I like to have my fingers free for phone calls, texting, picking my nose, etc.


Staple Design X The CollaBros “Human Flight” Tee: An ode to the work a true Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci (no offense to Q-Tip) and his studies with human flight… but with a modern day image of a human flying. The example should be obvious. This one is also available in crew neck sweaters.

About Rex — Romeo “Rex” Tanghal serves as a full time art director for Marc Ecko Enterprises as well as 1/2 of The CollaBros, a creative agency he established with his brother that has successfully established their name by breaking into an array of projects including apparel design, athletic footwear, album covers, toys & skateboards. Their multi-genre client list includes companies such as Complex Magazine, Nike Basketball, Sony, Duck Down Records, Triple 5 Soul, Ecko Unltd., Zoo York, Star Wars, HBO’s The Wire, Staple Design, 5Boro skateboards and more. For more info check out

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