“Your Bootleggers & Tastemakers Headliner Is…”

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It’s funny the path that blogging thing has created.

A few weeks/months (the days run together after a certain point), the homie Berk shot me an email asking would we be interested in participating in SXSW. My initial thoughts were “SXSW? Ain’t that for white rocker people who wear flip-flops?”

More or less, his response was that it had been. That’s why Hip-Hop was needed @ the showcase and they wanted to make an effort to bring it as it should be presented. And in doing so, they wanted to partner with a few sites to help attract artists who represent the next wave, those on the cusp of being mainstream media darlings with the right type of exposure.

Enter me & my homeskillet.

Next, I was asked name a few artists who fit that bill & we would like to see perform. I picked a certain few and, without a doubt, knew who I envisioned as a headliner.

One specific cat came to mind. Mind you, I’ve never seen him perform in person. But I can tell you that as much as I like his music, my kids love the dude (they even made up a dance to “Cloud 9” and request it in the truck, to which I agree since they have no idea that it’s an ode to cannabis). To me that spoke volumes to what I feel is his universal appeal, with even the slightest hints of being mistaken as “pop” or filtered. Supplant that with the Youtube clips I’ve seen of his performance, being a part of his Session, the comedic creativity, talking with people from the A who’ve cosigned him as early as two years ago. The live band, the full-on energy & engaging music…no-brainer.

Calls were made, schedules & arrangements made, bada-bing-bada-boom.

Your headliner for the Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers showcase will be…


B.o.B.. Bobby Ray all day.

And that’s how it goes down. Make sure you RSVP (for the free!) ASAP.

For a full list of all performances with a focus on Hip-Hop, visit www.austinsurreal.com/.

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