Your Daily Crazy: Crips and KKK Partner Up To Stop KKK Rally In Memphis

02.28.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

Unlikely scenario #1: Memphis-area members of the Grape St. Crips aren’t just gang members, they’re social activists charged with protecting their community. And they’re taking a stand against racism and protesting an upcoming Ku Klux Klan rally set to go down inside the city’s borders in late March.

Unlikely scenario #2: Said Crips have found an uncommon ally in an Alabama chapter of the KKK, headed by Bradley Jenkins, who claims that they don’t want hatemongers infiltrating Memphis either under the guise of white robes & racism.

“This young man and the people of the community do not need to fear the Klan coming. People making accusations that thousands of Klansmen are coming to fill the streets of your town – that’s one little man speaking for many got to stop. Don’t be fooled. They’re fooling the media, everybody these folks saying they’re Klan, they’re not Klan.”

Unlikely scenario #3: The two partner groups plan to celebrate thwarting the proposed rally with a down home Memphis barbecue on April 1st.

H/T: ABC24

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