Your Daily Crazy: Ireland Green-Lights Drunk Driving For Old People

01.22.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Sort of.

A proposed bit of legislation in Ireland’s Kerry County will allow local police to forgo punishment on slightly intoxicated drunk drivers in rural areas, permitting the Department of Justice approves it. With a vote of five to three (with 12 councilors absent), the motion hopes to encourage older residents to get out more without worrying that they’ll be pulled over after boozing. The motion’s author, Chancellor Danny Healy-Rae, said older lads and lassies “are being isolated now at home,” with “a lot of them falling into depression.” Healy-Rae also notes that these rural areas lack public transportation and the roads prevent driving over 20-30 miles per hour anyways, so no big deal.

There is plenty of opposition to this move–#OBVZ–but f*ck it. In one fell swoop, Irish lawmakers have recognized that, yes, the Irish like to drink a lot and their old people should give zero f*cks (as half my family can attest).

A video should come in handy to summarize this news pretty well…

No, no. Too obvious. What about…

That’s better. “Airplane!” clips: classic.

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