Your Daily Funk: Midnight Star’s “Midas Touch”

04.14.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Back in college, I had a record player in the back room of our rental, which I used to facilitate my weekend ritual of waking up my roommates with ’80s R&B dance records. One of the mainstays in this morning rotation was Midnight Star’s “Midas Touch.” A song about regrouping from former bum loves, this feel-great golden oldie comes from an era where any theme could be transformed into a dance jam and most that did succeeded. This highlight from the Kentucky group’s 1986 Headlines album took that formula and sprinted, with enough liveliness to maintain it’s staying power for generations to come.

If you’re currently shacking up with someone – whether it be a female or some sloppy college comrades – try out Midnght Star’s early morning pick-me-up as your own AM alarm sometime. Your friends might get mad at first, but hey, sleep is the cousin of death and death definitely doesn’t know how to party.

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