Your Daily Funk – New Edition’s “All For Love”

05.22.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Having been in a mutually-beneficial relationship for longer than most folks’ marriages last, I’ve definitely done my fair share of simping. However, while flowers and chocolates are easy-ins for most guys, it’s the small, habit-forming changes that really go a long way.

For instance, I used to make fun of her for recycling the cardboard toilet paper rolls. Now, I’m saving old toothpaste tubes and washing out my empty Spaghetti-O’s cans. Or, howabout this morning when I called her out for leaving the bathroom light on? Wasting electricity was one of my worst habits, but after enough finger-pointing, I take pride in finding a switch to flip and wondering how much change I just cut off our next Consumers bill. Hell, I even unplug the coffee machine after I pour the last cup every morning.

But, while I now get gratification from those minor changes I’ve made, the fact that she’s the one who’s implemented them is what helps us both in the long run and the reason I’ve come to dig this throwback track from New Edition along the way. Even though we might be a tad past the theme of young love emitted here by Bobby’s former band, a bouncy reminder like this is always good to keep in rotation when things come up and you simply refuse to conform.

New Edition – “All For Love”

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