Your Friendly Reminder: The 2012 Monday Night Football Schedule

07.31.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

It may have crept right up on all of us, but guess what this Sunday signals? The return of the National Football League! And granted, while it may “only” be the Hall of Fame Game and starters from both the Saints and Cardinals may see a combined 10 snaps of playing time, at least it’s football. In the meantime, and just in case you need to print this out and leave by your desk at work, let’s over-analyze the 2012 Monday Night Football schedule for the one millionth, shall we?

Week 1- Sept. 10
Cincinnati @ Baltimore
San Diego @ Oakland

Week 2 – Sept. 17
Denver @ Atlanta

Week 3 – Sept. 24
Green Bay @ Seattle

Week 4 – Oct. 1
Chicago @ Dallas

Week 5 – Oct. 8
Houston @ N.Y. Jets

Week 6 – Oct. 15
Denver @ San Diego

Week 7 – Oct. 22
Detroit @ Chicago

Week 8 – Oct. 29
San Francisco @ Arizona

Week 9 – Nov. 5
Philadelphia @ New Orleans

Week 10 – Nov. 12
Kansas City @ Pittsburgh

Week 11 – Nov. 19
Chicago @ San Francisco

Week 12 – Nov. 26
Carolina @ Philadelphia

Week 13 – Dec. 3
N.Y. Giants @ Washington

Week 14 – Dec. 10
Houston @ New England

Week 15 – Dec. 17
N.Y. Jets @ Tennessee

Week 16 – Dec. 22
Atlanta @ Detroit

On paper, this year’s schedule looks to be a lot more compelling than last year. Here’s another thing as well. The Eagles have never been high on my list of teams to root for, but I’ll be damned if that Week 12 matchup against Cam Newton, Steve Smith and the Panthers doesn’t sound enticing. Vick vs. Cam? In primetime? During December when the games will hold serious playoff implications? Yes, please.

And let us pray everyone is healthy in Week 7 so we see a Stafford/Megatron vs. Cutler/Marshall shootout in all its glory. Welcome back, football. Don’t ever leave us like that again.

Bonus: Please don’t forget about Sunday Night Football either. It’s just as exciting – sometimes more – as Monday.

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