Your NFL Recap: Week 11

11.22.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

It seems like the NFL’s power rankings become fleeting as each week winds down. I guess that’s the beauty of the NFL in that seemingly any team with a convincing track record deserves bragging rights. With that said, it’s usually at this point of the season where we see teams emerge for late season pushes. Tis the season for implosions as well with a few franchises looking sluggish. Turkey Day isn’t here yet but some of these clubs, namely the Giants, Chargers and Colts, look like they have a mean case of itis. Let’s see if they can shake off the malaise down the stretch.

The Jets looked like they let the Texans sneak by with a win on the road. But leave it to Santonio Holmes with a dash of Mark Sanchez to get them out of trouble once again. Mark marched the Jets down the field with a four point deficit and under a minute to go. Then he hit Santonio with the game winning TD reception over Houston’s hapless secondary. Now, much to Patrick M’s chagrin, the Jets are holding on to first place in the AFC East off of late game heroics.

Nevertheless, the Pats won’t let gangrene sit pretty atop their division. New England managed to withstand Indianapolis’s late game surge with a win over the Colts. It looked like Peyton’s gang would scrounge out a comeback dub in the 4th. But big brother Manning caught a case of the Favre’s with a costly interception in the game’s waning moments.

New England shares the same 8-2 record as the Jets but are behind by a division game. Additionally the Pats and Jets share beatable targets in the Bengals and Lions on Thanksgiving respectively. The real chance for distancing in the AFC East lies in their Monday Night Football match up two weeks from now.

David Garrard appeared to literally throw the game away throughout Jacksonville’s face off with the Browns. Good thing Cleveland could only convert his four picks into ten points. The Jags managed to rally back after an ugly offensive output with a pivotal 75 yard reception run by Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew eventually ran the ball in for the go ahead touchdown with a hair over a minute left. The Browns’s Colt McCoy tried to salvage one last drive afterwards but the Jag’s Sean Considine was having none of that with a victory sealing interception deep in Jags’s territory.

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The New York Football Giants look ripe for another second half meltdown after a loss to the Eagles. New York’s defense held on as long as they could. However, Big Blue’s fumbles, interceptions and the Eagle’s fourth down conversion into a LeSean McCoy 50 yard touchdown run in the 4th sealed the deal. Elisha’s dubious dive leading to a late game turnover was the icing on the cake as NY conceded the NFC East’s top seed to Philly. The Giants better get their act together as they lost two important division games in a row. They’ll need to whip themselves into shape fast as they can’t afford to wait on Steve Smith’s return.

Quick Hits

— Cincinnati’s looking prime to adopt their “Bungles” moniker once again as they let the all-heart few wins Bills drop 49 in a convincing comeback win on the road.

— Speaking of few wins, those Cowboys added another W to their tally over Detroit. I’m convinced Jon Kitna is on some performance enhancing drugs as his uncharacteristic performance galvanized Dallas’s passing game.

– Chunky Soup McNabb was well aware of the NFL’s overtime rules this week. He guided the Redskins into position for the game winning field goal over the Titans.

— The Falcons gave St. Louis a dig ’em smack, hold the reigns in the NFC South and are yearning for your R-E-S-P-E-C-T. One has to wonder if Matt Ryan and his crew have it in them to close out the season strong as they face Green Bay, Tampa Bay and the Saints in the coming weeks.

— Pittsburgh whupped the Raiders something proper to the tune of 35-3. But the hit of the game goes to Richard Seymour and his sore loser hook on Roethlisberger. It’s anything but sportsmanlike to steal somebody off a sucker punch. But I managed to laugh at it without feeling guilty.

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