Your NFL Recap: Week 3

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Picking the most important game to highlight was easy for this week’s recap. Coming into their Sunday night matchup, the Ravens and Patriots had a lot of bad blood, but all of that took a back seat to Torrey Smith and his younger brother’s Tevin Jones premature passing the night before the game.

Somehow, Baltimore’s receiver made it back to play and 60 minutes later became the newest feel-good story in America today. Every time the camera cut to him on the sideline, Smith looked visibly broken and devastated, as anyone in his shoes would. But every single time he took the field, he lit up New England and played with a passion and fire that only comes out in these kinds of extreme situations.

His final stat sheet read six catches for 127 yards and two scores, despite facing double coverage for a good part of the game. David D. and I were waiting for Torrey Smith to put up the points that would seal the victory for Baltimore, and while he didn’t directly do that, the Ravens don’t win the game without him. In the end, a chip shot field goal barely skated through the goal post to give Baltimore a 31-30 win as the clock expired.

It was a good bit of redemption for the Ravens after their devastating AFC championship game conundrum last year, but more importantly a successful way for Torrey Smith to channel his grief and help him find the blessing in the storm, as Ray Lewis so eloquently put it.

Belichick Grabs Ref

Quick Hits

— How much do you want to bet even the replacement refs hate being replacement refs now?

— C.J. Spiller’s two-week run as Fantasy Football Gawd came to an end with a nasty looking shoulder injury. At least the Bills won the game 24-14, meaning Cleveland now stands as one of two winless teams in the NFL. The other, you ask?

— The Saints score 24+ again. The Saints lose again. At this point, New Orleans’ defense is teetering the line of depressing and suicidal. The Chiefs, down most of the game, used Jamal Charles man-sized 233 yards to overcome the margin, force the game into overtime as time expired and ultimately win the game the extra period. Sean Payton for “Coach of the Year” is looking better and better with each Saints mental lapse on defense.

— Riding a 13-point final period, the Oakland Raiders used a Sebastian Janikowski game-winning field goal to seal the deal sending the Steelers to a 1-2 record.

— The Cowboys had, hands down, the ugliest victory of the weekend as they had at least one less f*ck up than Tampa Bay. Dallas’ defense stood up to the challenge, but with a Monday Night matchup with Chicago looming next week, Romo and company best figure out their offensive woes quick, fast and in a hurry.

— Peyton Manning and the Broncos put up a fight against the Texans, but ultimately fell short for their second loss in less than a week. Houston, however, finds itself atop the AFC as its lone undefeated team and a serious claim for the constantly changing title for “best team in the league through week (insert week here).” Kudos to Matt Schaubb for getting up after getting rocked in the third quarter by Joe Mays, losing a piece of his ear and only missing one play. Evander Holyfield salutes you, Matt.

— Speaking of undefeated teams, the Atlanta Falcons have the look of a well oiled machine following their dump trucking of the Chargers 27-3.

— For the Bears, Jay Cutler is still getting sacked like it’s going out of style (although only twice Sunday). Having said that, the Bears defense made life a living hell for Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson and St. Louis to the tune of a 23-6 victory.

— All of us had the Arizona Cardinals wrong and Kevin Kolb must be the happiest man in America as his new team beat the dogsh*t out of his old team. How’s this for math? Mike Vick was hit three times the amount of points the Eagles were able to score (20 hits to six points). No way Vick makes it through the season under this sort of baptism every Sunday. Sooner or later, Philly will realize Lesean McCoy is pretty good and that he deserves the ball early and often. And no game is really won in the first half, but yeah, this game was pretty much over when this happened.

Ogletree Replacement Ref

— Has anyone mentioned anything about the replacement refs? We have? Would it really hurt to mention them again?

— Blaine “Sunshine” Gabbert connected on a late-game 80-yard strike to Cecil Shorts III to spring the Jaguars past the Colts 22-17. For what it’s worth, Andrew Luck put 313 yards and two touchdowns up on the board in a losing effort. Maurice Jones-Drew made fantasy owners everywhere happy as well with his 177 yards.

— Ugly to watch at times, Mark Sanchez holds the Tim Tebow brigade off for another week as the Jets sealed a divisional W over the Dolphins 23-20. That Darrelle Revis injury didn’t look good at all though.

— Jake Locker put up 378 yards as the Titans used all kinds of trickery to fend of the Lions in OT 44-41 in a high-flying affair with thirteen different players putting up points. Arguably, one of the best moments came when the Titans recreated the most famous play in franchise history – “The Music City Miracle.”

— The difference between the Redskins offense with Robert Griffin III as opposed to Rex Grossman last year is literally night and day. The Skins are putting up 30+ with relative easy. Too bad they can’t stop anyone from scoring. The Bengals scored on their first offensive play and from there, Andy Dalton, AJ Green and the air attack made DeAngelo Hall and friends look lost in their own backyard.

— Last, but definitely not least, a moment of silence for everyone who has Chris Johnson on their Fantasy Football team. David and Tins have all but given up hope this season as C.J. continues his assault on the record books for all the wrong reasons. Chris’ season totals? A Herculean 33 carries for 45 yards. The man is pulling off the biggest financial heist since the Bobby Bonilla/New York Mets deal.

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