Your NFL Recap: Week 6

10.15.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

Yesterday, The Sports Fan Journal’s Kenny Masenda and I attended the Ravens/Cowboys game in Baltimore. What you know is the home team won, Dallas blew a last second field goal and Ray Lewis’ season may be over. Instead of the usual recap, we’ve decided to ditch the format for one week. Below are five notes from the game you, the viewer, certainly wouldn’t have seen throughout the course of the game.

1. Not one vendor sold Cowboys paraphernalia

With the trip being so last-minute, the only thing Cowboys related on me was my debit card. Kenny and I weren’t tripping because we figured at least one brave soul would dare sell Dallas hats, shirts, beer mugs, etc. Well, we were totally wrong. Not one individual figured it would be a solid idea to go against the grain and show love to the visiting team’s fans. The closest thing was a “Romo The Homo” t-shirt.

It’s 50% by my fault for not coming prepared and 50% the city of Baltimore for passing such a city ordinance.

2. Poor bathroom etiquette by a Ravens fan

Look, when nature calls, nature calls. But when it calls right before kickoff of a NFL game and you’ve got to drop a deuce in the most public of places, you’ve obviously done something to upset the karma gods. And the worst part about it, dude’s son was standing outside the stall with the sad, painted puppy face basically saying, “Yes, that’s my dad in there committing 25 to life.”

Dear God, I hope this never happens to me.

3. The annoying Dallas fan

For the most part, Dallas fans were chill, myself and Kenny included. The weather was great. The beer was flowing; as in $7 a can, flowing. The pace of the game was back and forth. But there was one Cowboys fan who just made everyone uncomfortable. Even Cowboys fans. With more colors in her hair than a pack of Starburst, she made it a point to cuss out and cause a scene with every Ravens in her area for what looked to be no apparent reason.

And did I mention she had on a Julius Jones jersey? Julius damn Jones! If you’re going to have a jersey of a player no longer playing for the team, at least let it be one of the top 300 players in the franchise’s history.

4. Parking deck (near) fight

Kenny and I saw this one first hand as we attempted to get out the parking deck. Ravens Fan A (RVA) refused to let Ravens Fan B (RVB) in front of him, which prompted RVB to get out his car and run up on RVA’s driver’s side window. Nothing ended up happening other than a bunch of cursing, but RVB is lucky he ran up on the Partridge family and not Clay Davis and company. And by the time RVB returned to his car, Kenny and I jumped in front of him, too.

When keeping it trill goes wrong, indeed.

5. Ravens fans are pretty cool people

Seriously, kudos all the Ravens faithfuls Kenny and myself sat near. There was trash talking, but all of it was in good nature and at the end of the day it made the experience infinitely more enjoyable. From Dallas’ 20-play drive that cut the lead to 31-29 – which included two fourth down conversions – to the end of the game, the range of emotions from both Dallas and Baltimore fans was nothing short of hilarious in hindsight.

I’m sure the previous paragraph made every Pittsburgh fan vomit.

Bonus: Orioles skipper (and now made man) Buck Showalter received the loudest ovation of the entire afternoon. That was a pretty dope moment everyone in the stadium stood up for.

Dez Bryant Drop

Quick Hits

— In Sunday’s late game, Aaron Rogers made easy work of the previously unbeaten Texans. The Packers QB threw for a career best six TDs and completed 24-of-37 passes for 338 yards as the Pack rolled 42-24.

— And with Houston’s loss, Atlanta stands as the lone undefeated team in the National Football League after they skirted past the Raiders 23-20. The Falcons have a bye next week before facing the Eagles.

— Tom Brady talked a little trash to the Seahawks and got his lunch money snatched, most notably by second year defensive back Richard Sherman who made it point to check-in with Brady after the game on-field and on Twitter.

— Cleveland won! The stinkin’ Browns won! Who cares that they beat Cincinnati? When a team hasn’t won since November of last year, a win is a win!

— Eli and the Giants rolled right over the 49ers, who couldn’t get it going on either side of the ball. Their loss locked up the NFC West with three teams (49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals) with identical 4-2 records.

— From mild concussion last week to game-winning 76 yard touchdown scamper this week, the story of rookie Robert Griffin III continues.

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