Your NFL Recap: Week Four

10.03.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

The TSS Sports Task Force was busy (probably watching their team win), so that leaves you all with me to sum of the events that were week four. Coming off a gutsy Monday night victory over division rival Washington, Dallas had only the red-hot Detroit Lions standing in between a 3-1 record and a much needed bye week. For the better part of the game, Dallas was the superior team led by Tony Romo’s three touchdowns in 33 minutes. Rob Ryan’s defense had Matthew Stafford confused, Calvin Johnson bottled up and Ndamukong Suh had yet to have Romo’s head on a platter.

Then, the second half happened and for the second consecutive day, a Texas area team watched their lead evaporate (Texas A&M being the other squad). Stats wise, Romo had a great day throwing for five touchdowns and 331 yards on 34-47 passing. The only problem is two of those touchdowns went to the Lions, sparking a third and fourth quarter charge causing for one of the most depressing moments in Dallas since J.R. was shot. This loss stings the Cowboys for three particular reasons. The first being they’ll have to sit on this for two weeks, since they’re off next Sunday. The second, the “send Tony Romo packing with the Incredible Hulk lonely man music as his theme song” delegation returns with a venomous pitch. And lastly, Dallas travels to New England in Week 6 to face Tom Brady, his 1,327 passing yards and 11 touchdowns. Oh, and as a bonus, Sunday was statistically the worst loss in franchise history. F*ck you. Yes, you.

For Lions fans, the growing belief that the team is exorcising the demons of seasons past gains even more backing. As it should. Stafford is looking like the franchise QB the team spent their #1 pick on. The defense continues to gel without seeing what the potentially fatal combo of Suh and Nick Fairley look like playing together. Most impressively, however, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson appears to be the most unstoppable force in football, evident by this NFL Street type catch on three, f*cking THREE, Dallas defensive backs. I know an in-his-prime Randy Moss, and this guy is of that very same ilk.

Elsewhere around the National Football League, drama remained sky high. The other team in Texas went home much happier than their Dallas counterparts after an impressive and well-earned 17-10 victory over Pittsburgh. On behalf of fantasy owners nationwide who lugged this guy around the first three weeks, allow me to thank Arian Foster. The Texans workhorse put up man-sized numbers against a Steelers defense to the tune of 155 yards on 30 carries. The city who gave the world chopped and screwed music’s professional football team looks impressive and a looming October 23 matchup versus divisional foe Tennessee could shape up to be extremely important if both teams stay their current courses. Houston’s win comes at a cost however. All-Pro wideout Andre Johnson left the game with an apparent leg injury. X-rays and all that medical mumbo jumbo still have to be ran, but Texans fans will not get too excited if they’re forced to be without one of the league’s most potent weapons for an extended period of time.

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, must deal with injury bug as well. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger left the game in a boot after being tossed around by Mario Williams and company. And let me say, drafting him over Reggie Bush and Vince Young is shaping up to be one of the greatest “I-told-you-so” decisions ever. Anywho, while watching the Steelers yesterday at the bar with one of my best friends (who’s a Pittsburgh fan), one thing is glaringly evident. They look a step slower. Either that or the team is still hungover from that Super Bowl loss. With 12 games still left to be played, Pittsburgh’s shortcomings could become more and more detrimental as the season charges along. Yesterday’s L drops them to 2-2 on the year, with their only impressive stretch of football being Week 2 against Seattle. Yeah, Seattle. The team whose hopes and dreams live and die on the right arm of Tavaris Jackson.

Quick Hits

— If the Eagles really do parallel the Miami Heat, maybe Vick needs to bump into Andy Reid. Looking at the glass half full, that also means Philly will right their wrongs and still find a way to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. But as of October 2, The City of Brotherly Love has shifted focus to the Phillies as the football team fell to 1-3 after blowing a huge lead to the 49ers at home despite Vick’s 416 yards passing.

— Determined to prove that last week’s choke was just a fluke, the Patriots put the Raiders back in their rightful place of mediocrity. It was just another day at the office for Tom Brady as he tossed a beauty to Wes Welker to overtake Joe Montana on the career passing touchdown list.

— Aaron Rodgers poured on some jaw-dropping fantasy numbers with four touchdown throws and added in another two scoring run just for fun. All the while, Denver’s lackluster defense helped prove that they’re still in the red after the disastrous Josh McDaniels era and nowhere close to turning the corner. Not even Jesus’ BFF Tim Tebow can play cornerback, linebacker, and safety at the same time, can he?

— The Ravens and Jets had the ugliest, high scoring game of all time in a contest that featured seven combined turnovers and one offensive touchdown. Baltimore’s defense appeared vintage picking Mark Sanchez off third times while scoring three touchdowns.

— It’s something about Eli Manning, Arizona and controversial catches that brings out the best in that guy. The G-Men sit tied atop the NFC East with the Redskins thanks to the arm of Peyton’s little brother, who happens to be the architect of the NFL’s third highest QB rating this season. Feel free to shoot me now.

— Minnesota still looks good for the #1 pick in the 2012 draft – commonly referred to as the Andrew Luck sweepstakes – with an unjustifiable loss to the previously winless Chiefs, who are playing without their best offensive and defensive players. Nothing seemed to go right, as Adrian Peterson’s minimal involvement carried on along with McNabb’s limited ability to play the quarterback position. The land of 10,000 lakes is on pace to suffer through that many losses this season. Paging Christian Ponder.

— The Cam Newton assault of NFL record books continues with another 374 yards under his belt in this still young season. In another loss. Serious question though: where does he rank on the pantheon of great Charlotte professional athletes like Mugsy Bouges and Larry Johnson? So what he’s only played 16 professional quarters. With no disrespect towards Kemba Walker, Cam’s already more important than any player on the Bobcats, right? In a related note, Devin Hester sprinted past the great Eric Metcalf in return yardage with a 73-yard kickoff return and 69-yard punt return for a touchdown during that very same game.

P.S. — Even Jim Mora was pissed and so eloquently expressed my sentiments about the Dallas collapse. Sure was a great week for those, huh?

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