Your NFL Recap: Week One

09.13.10 7 years ago 30 Comments

Thank God. It’s back.

With everyone tied for first and the NFL’s commitment to parity, hope springs eternal for fans of all 32 NFL teams. Thus, week one of the NFL always carries some level of unpredictability as the league goes through the annual process of sorting itself into the haves and the have nots.

2010 was no exception, with the big surprise being the Texans comfortable dismantling of the Colts. The good news for Jim Caldwell is that he won’t have to answer any questions about whether or not to rest his starters with an undefeated record. Hey maybe they were just getting out of the way. Colts fans shouldn’t panic but concern may be in order. We all know every team loses. But giving up over 200 yards on the ground to a backup running back does not bode well for Indy’s hopes of returning to the Super Bowl.

The most dramatic finish of the day was between Chicago and Detroit, where Calvin Johnson’s spectacular last minute catch was overruled based on the NFL’s bogus interpretation of possession. After much deliberating, here’s the official TSS POV on the matter:

— Based on the current NFL rules, it was not a catch. We apologize to Michiganders everywhere, but that’s the way they’ve written it up.

— Based on the schoolyard definition of catching a football, that was a touchdown. Johnson had both feet down while controlling the ball. He even dragged his off arm down.

— The Bears should have never been in this situation, as they failed to convert a first and goal from the 1 early in the 4th quarter, including failing to kick a field goal when down a point. Lovie Smith should be fired based on that call alone.

— Ultimately at the end of the year, no one will remember this play, because both these teams are headed for 5-11 or worse.

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