Your NFL Recap: Week Three

09.27.10 7 years ago 26 Comments

Week 3. Time to figure out if the new kids on the block are ready to over throw last year’s playoff teams and make the season their own. Who is for real and who isn’t?

The Chiefs? For real. After several years as one of the league’s doormats, the Chiefs have rolled into the new decade recalling the glory days of Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac. After squeaking out wins in their first two games, the Chiefs laid a proper whooping on the suddenly hopeless 49ers. The Chiefs benefited from some Charlie Weiss chicanery, using a brilliantly designed wildcat double reverse flea flicker to embarrass the Niners schoolyard style.

Gimmickry aside, I don’t see any reason why the Chiefs can’t be the Cinderella playoff team of 2010. With a last place schedule and a two game lead in the division already, the AFC West is there for the taking. The two-headed monster of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones should give the offense some weapons to grind out a few late season W’s. Add in the experience of some of their ex-Patriot players and coaches, and KC should be defying all pre-season expectations.

The Falcons? For real. Any time you knock off the reigning kings in their backyard, you deserve some attention. Granted, the Dirty Birds got some help due to an overtime choke by former Saints hero Garrett Hartley, who appears to have shanked his last field goal. Still, with Michael Turner back, Tony Gonzalez still getting it done and Roddy White’s emergence, the Falcons should at least make the postseason.

The Seahawks? Fakers. San Diego never starts trying until November. More importantly, as great as Leon Washington is, you can’t expect him to return two kicks for touchdowns every game. Of course in the NFC West, 7-9 should mean a home playoff game. So maybe they’re for real?

The Bucs? Faker than 50 featuring Soulja Boy. The Steelers exposed them and a brutal NFC South will be their downfall.

The Texans? Tough call, but I’m predicting another 8-8 frustration for Houston. The Cowboys were a wounded animal waiting to be put our of their misery and Houston laid an egg. Their win at Washington’s looking suspect too after the Skins got beat by the Rams.

Quick Hits

— Time to start writing the script on the Michael Vick movie. Four TDs against Jacksonville in a nice Philly road win. Also time to buy Kevin Kolb some sympathy chocolates and a one-way plane ticket to Phoenix.

— Troy Polamalu is the best defensive player in football. The Steelers at this point have to be considered Super Bowl favorites.

— The Colts beat the Broncos for the 73rd time in Peyton Manning’s career. He just owns those guys.

— The Ravens gave up 144 yards rushing. To an unknown white guy. Even though Anquan Boldin brought them back, that’s got to be disheartening for the self-described most badass team in the league.

— Good to see the Jets effectively taught Braylon Edwards a lesson by benching him for the first quarter, then proceeding to spend the rest of the game bombing the ball deep to him. You stay classy, New Jersey.

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