Your Old Droog Describes The Best Type Of Rap Connoisseur On ‘Hip-Hop Head’ With Alchemist

03.01.16 2 years ago

your old droog hip-hop head cover

At every hip-hop show, there are always a handful of ladies decked out in trendy rap tees and designer ball caps, taking pride in knowing every word to every song. They’re typically more cute than hot, but always pretty cool either way. Your Old Droog describes these flannel-rocking females perfectly on “Hip-Hop Head.”

This new story song finds the vintage NY rhymer explaining how various Hip-Hop chicks fall for him at shows, using relaxing production from Alchemist to detail the scenarios that set him up for post-game success. Despite being an easy listen, the concept track is really well formulated and worthy of more than a few spins.

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