Your Old Droog Ready To End The “Is He God’s Son?” Conversations

07.30.14 3 years ago 24 Comments

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For anyone still curious as to if Your Old Droog may actually be Nas, the rapper’s ready to refute the claim the best way he knows how. On September 3, Droog will be performing in New York City at Webster Hall (ticket info here). So, unless he comes out in a DOOM-type mask, there we have it or will have it rather.

In the interim, Droog released the new song “No Message” with Rast RFC. I was going to type up a few of the mentionable lyrics, but there were just too many. Nas, not Nas, no matter. The guy is crazy nice with the mic. Hopefully, him stepping forward out of the shadows will do enough to take the focus off the Nas thing and shine light on his music alone.

On his SoundCloud, he also included the message “Y.O.D. + Rast RFC EP coming eventually.” The wait begins. Patiently, of course. Nobody wants to rush a good thing.

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