Your Week 10 NFL Recap

11.16.09 8 years ago 20 Comments

I’d be remiss of recapping the NFL in week 10 without turning the back clock to Thursday night. Admittedly, there was a lot of pressure on Jay Cutler coming into the season. The Bears gave up quite a bit for his cannon arm, creating expectations of future Pro Bowls and Bears playoff appearances. Said high hopes ignored the fact that 1.) the Bears wideouts are crap and 2.) their D is getting by on rep and is average at best.

But Cutler’s about as close to being the next great QB as Papoose is to being the next great rapper. And Thursday’s 5 interception trainwreck crushed both Chicago’s playoff hopes and the last remnants of the Windy City’s faith in their golden-armed savior. And who can blame them. It’s hard to root for someone who, after throwing the ball directly to the defense, wears the mug of a spoiled Ivy League grad whose Dad just confiscated his Range Rover.

Another team that’s got to be questioning themselves is the defending champs. The Bengals came into Pittsburgh and out-Steelered the Steelers, riding a fearsome pash rush, special teams and some field goals to a huge victory. With a cake schedule the next three weeks, the freaking Bengals could be 10-2 heading into December and have to be considered one of the top five teams in the league.

The Steelers will probably regroup, but Broncos and Jets fans should be shitting themselves about their playoff chances at this point. Rex Ryan talks a big game, but his defense was the problem against Jacksonville. As for the Broncos at least they could use Kyle Orton’s injury for a pass…except, they lost to Washington, a team whose fans have given up and whose coach is a dead man walking. And the schoolyard play in the clip below, which is not a good look at all.

Other News and Notes

— Tennessee’s up to 3-6 behind another super human game from Chris Johnson whose having a historic season.

— Unimpressive wins for NFC leaders Minnesota and New Orleans against the dregs of the league (Detroit and STL) but you can’t get up for every one, no homo.

— Green Bay saved their season by shutting down Dallas’ high-powered offense with five sacks and three takeaways. Good bounce back game from the Pack.

— San Diego’s doing their usual comeback routine after a slow start. With their win over the now struggling Eagles, the Chargers go into Denver next week ready to take back the division. LT even mustered up a little old magic.

— For this week’s installment of impressive Adrian Peterson runs, he uses Tecmo-skills to elude would be tacklers, placing a hand on the ground to maintain his balance.

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