Your Week 5 NFL Recap

10.12.09 8 years ago 13 Comments

Let’s just say the Patriots-Broncos game could make this a bitter affair. In case you missed it, the Patriots had plenty of chances to put the game away, but could not get the job done, with Tom Brady’s 4th quarter fumble proving particularly costly. Denver and their mustard striped unis move to 5-0 with the kind of defensive performance and mistake free offense that’s won Super Bowls before. I still think the Pats can take them in the playoffs though.

The overarching theme of the NFL in 2009 so far is sucking. There are so many terrible teams, perhaps up to a dozen, that the NFL’s becoming a league of have’s and have not’s. The result is some truly historic ineptitude, such as the Raiders clawing out 9 offensive yards in the first half against the Giants. Still the money’s on the Rams for which teams is most likely to join LC’s Lions at 0-16.

— The results when two of these dirty dozen squads face off can be brutal for fans. Viewers in the Great Lakes region were subjected to the disgrace of Derek Anderson’s 2 for 17 with an INT performance against the Bills. In a 6-3 VICTORY. Let’s hope everyone had other plans.

The surprise of the week was the Nasty Nati’s comeback victory the Ravens, to seize first place in the AFC North. Despite being held down by the Ravens D most of the day, Carson Palmer rallied the squad on the road. An impressive start to the season to be sure, but it’s doubtful the Bengals will be able to overcome the fact that they’re from Ohio.

Other Happenings

— Matt Ryan and Roddy White dropped their best Steve Young-Jerry Rice impression on the 49ers. The Dirty Birds are looking like a Super Bowl threat.

Dallas escaped with an OT win in Kansas City against the hapless Chiefs. America’s team is a shaky 3-2 and has work to do in a tough division.

— The NFL Players Union came out against Rush Limbaugh’s bid for the St. Louis Rams. Take that you fat toad.

— The Manning Super Bowl watch took another step towards reality. Seriously, I may have to flee the country.

— Jacksonville cemented their reputations as the league’s most schizophrenic team, laying a 41-0 egg against Seahawks. A great day for for Seattle was ruined only by Owen Schmidt’s making everyone around him seem a little bit stupider…by splitting his head with his own helmet…before the game even started.

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