Your Week 7 NFL Recap

10.26.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Even though the Vikings lost, they proved themselves a formidable opponent for the Steelers. With the score @ 13-10, it was tit-for-tat all the way until the fourth quarter. Then, hell broke loose. A Favre fumble returned for a touchdown 77-yards by Lamarr Woodley. Boom! The ensuing kickoff returned by Percy Harvin for an 88-yard score. Zing! With three minutes left, the ball and a three point lead, it seemed peak time for Favre to work his magic. But a deflected pass lead to an interception and deflated hopes of Minnesota remaining undefeated. While his arm is still strong as ever, Brett’s legs are not. His limbs straight wilted while he was pursuing Keyaron Fox. Nevertheless, the V’s showed they could and should remain a contender this year.

— Where Brett’s last minute mishap was more understandable, Eli Manning just screwed the pooch and his team’s chance to win in the final minutes. While he’s looked sharp this year, whatever coverage he thought he read looked like it came from the Book of Old Error-Prone Eli. L taken, Cards win.

— Broncos on a bye, still undefeated. Colts still rolling as Peyton operated with his usual cold precision. The Saints rolled over the Dolphins as Drew Brees had a so-so performance. After looking a little ruffled early (he threw two picks early), he settled and got help from his friends Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush. This fourth quarter, double reverse, flying leap into the end zone by Bush = highlight reel.

With what’s left of their schedule, it could be very well be smooth sailing for NO.

Other Happenings This Sunday

— The Buccaneers went all the way to England to get their asses handed to them by the Pats. Take the Bucs’ passports & keep them there please.

— Lovie’s Bears got no love from the Bengals as Carson Palmer tossed five TD passes in la route, going 20-24. The Bengals are 5-2. That’s a question and a statement.

— JaMarcus Russell finally found his way to the bench after he turned the ball over three times in the first quarter (2 picks and a fumble). Doesn’t matter as the Raiders took their weekly trip to behind the woodshed, losing 38-0 to the Jets.

— The surprising suffering Chargers dumped on the Chiefs. Crabs in a bucket.

— The Titans didn’t lose this week! But they didn’t win, saved by a bye.

— And somebody goddamn explain why Howie Long still spikes his hair. Even Brain Bosworth doesn’t spike his hair anymore.

The highlight of the day came from Adrian Peterson’s Tecmo’ing of the William Gay, word to Bo Jackson.

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