“You’re In Danger…”

04.03.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

In our original post about Betty Davis, Suave mentioned that she was the predecessor to someone like Badu. Sure enough, if you do the digging, the major footnote regarding Betty is marked by the male figures she was involved with – Jimi & Miles. Funky eccentricities aligned, can we speculate on what Badu’s legacy will be? Will she be remembered more for her music, influences or relationships?

When Badu came out with Baduizm, she threw the music world in a Cobra Clutch. Both critics & fans were enamored, equally as much by the music as they were by her her self-proclaimed weirdness. While her popularity has waned, fans who’ve continued to follow her successive albums will tell you that each one has been a deeper, more wonderful trip into the mystic mind of a magnetic artist & lady. To the populace however, she’s more known for her quirky behavior…along with her boyfriends & baby daddies.

So when they mention the great female artists of her generation — The Lauryn’s & the MJB’s — where will Erykah’s name be mentioned?


Erykah Badu – “Danger”

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