“Shout Out To 1800 ‘Cause I’m Sick Of That Patron…”

10.09.12 5 years ago

Thanks in part to a three day weekend, I was able to sneak away from D.C. to take the two hour trip down I-95 to visit my mom, brother and grandmother; all of whom I hadn’t seen since earlier this summer. It’s trips similar to these when music is at its most genuine with no Twitter, G-Chat or any other new-age form of technology. In this case, Yung Chris’* Premium Selections helped pass the majority of the time.

Hailing from the city tying direct roots to Bone Thugs, John D. Rockefeller and a certain basketball player I’m not allowed to mention until the regular season tips off, Chris’ pride for the 216 is evident throughout the tape from his flow and transitions, to the shootouts all way down to his accent. Unlike a large portion of Cleveland MC’s, Yung’s take on Hip-Hop stems from a large part of his maturation taking place on the East Coast thanks to college and life-after-college in D.C.

Tracks in the nature of “Warm Up III,” “Tone Gold Philosophy” and his take of Total and Biggie’s “Can’t You See” on “Tone Gold Tales” all manage to stand out individually while helping provide cohesion on this 14-track listen. Not a perfect project by any stretch, “#STIBO” – an acronym for “Shit That I Be On” – is the most cruise control-worthy track on P.S. Blessed with a straightforward, but haunting backdrop, Chris and the accompanying visual keep it 100 with exactly the type of lifestyle he leads. Nothing flashy, nothing over the top. At least not yet.

Just his people, a dope ass cookout and the occasional keg stand. Whether the music resonates or not, it’s difficult to throw shade on that. In the meantime, feel free to shop before you cop (aka download) via the video and stream below.

* – Not to be confused with Young Chris from Philly or the “Racks On Racks” dude who is probably somewhere wondering where it all went wrong

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