Your Daily Funk – Zapp’s “Radio People”

10.28.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Unless you were in the seventies and grew up on ’80s R&B, the main place most of you have heard Zapp’s “Radio People” is Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Yes, right as Cameron realizes his dad’s Ferrari has been hijacked by sketchy garage attendants and is way over miles, Roger and Co.’s ode to our FM-immersed society is carrying them into the downfall of their epic afternoon.

If you can’t pinpoint the moment, just know this upbeat jam from the Dayton, Ohio group’s New Zapp IV U LP is every bit as playful and engaging as their bigger singles like “More Bounce” and “Doo Wah Ditty,” despite never getting as much mainstream recognition.

Apparently, irony’s a spiteful bitch.

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