17 Great Moments Of Destrucity From The Ultimate Warrior’s Blood-Pumping Life

By 04.09.14

RIP Ultimate Warrior

He was here, and then he was gone.

If you love pro wrestling like I do or if you just watched it when you were a kid, you were stunned last night when The Ultimate Warrior passed away. I haven’t really been able to put the words together yet. He was at the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday. He was at WrestleMania 30 on Sunday. They played his music and he walked out onto the stage and waved at everyone. He showed up on Raw on Monday, put on a plastic Ultimate Warrior mask and cut a promo about how everyone dies, but the Warrior spirit will live forever. On Tuesday, he died.

Until we can find the right words, all we can do is what the Warrior wanted — be the storytellers, and never forget the wonderful, ridiculous, asinine, important stuff he did in the wrestling ring. There was nobody else like Warrior. Here are 17 of those moments you think about when you think of him, and the best part is that there are probably 50 more I could include and laugh about, smile about and pump my fists up and down over.

Warrior's WWE Debut

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Mauling Honky Tonk Man To Win The IC Title

Weasel Suit

The Royal Rumble Moment

Contract Signing

Crash The Plane

The WrestleMania 6 Promo

Defeating Hulk Hogan

The Funeral Parlor

Tricked By Jake The Snake

Retirement Match

Papa Shango's Curse

No-Selling The Pedigree

WCW Debut

Mirror Powers

Going Into The Hall Of Fame

The Goodbye Speech

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