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Chiefs Had Sex Boat in Airport Hyatt?

By 10.23.06

In yesterday's Kansas City Star, Jason Whitlock revealed that between seven and ten Chiefs attended a "simulated sales party" with 30 female sex toy consultants the night before their 45-7 blowout at Pittsburgh. If you think that's awesome, then you, friend, would be correct.

Unfortunately, it looks nowhere near as raunchy the Vikings sex boat scandal last year. Passion Parties — Whitlock calls them the "Avon of sex toys," presumably for the representatives' all-female, in-home demonstrations — has a decidedly unsexy website, and a representative said that the players in attendance bought a few toys and left by 10 p.m.

But what could the players have possibly bought? Well, I did a little bit of browsing and found such handy items as the Pearl Dolphin, the Jelly Cliterrific, and — my personal favorite — the Chocolate Thriller. Also available: the Double Delight. Somewhere in Minnesota, Fred Smoot is smiling.

(Thanks goes to Deadspin for bringing this to With Leather's attention.)


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