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I was looking and looking for some kind of story that would be interesting for my next post, but instead I decided to go with what I do best: an obliquely sports-related piece of tail.

The lady in question here is Julianna Zobrist, wife of Ben Zobrist (who?) of the Tampa Devil Rays (what?). I guess Ben plays shortstop for the Devil Rays, and I guess the Devil Rays are in Major League Baseball, although I've never heard of them before. 

According to Devil Rays Index and this article, Julianna's an aspiring artist in the field of Christian music. But before you use the term Christian "rock," be advised that her MySpace page is loaded with samples of her music, and it wouldn't be a bad knock-off of Imogen Heap were it not for her occasional mention of Jesus in the lyrics.

So, there you go: With Leather's Christian Music Athlete Wife of the Week. Somehow I think this will be a one-time award. Unless Amy Grant marries Dennis Rodman. What a minx! Tell me I'm not the only who got a boner to the "Every Heartbeat" video.

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