By: 05.15.07

This video goes out to the suffering people of Buffalo, who really haven't caught many breaks over the years.  All those Super Bowls.  Close proximity to Canadia.

And now the Sabres, who — as I understand it — were looking super-awesome all season but are now staring down the barrel of a 3-0 deficit to the Senators of Ottawa in the Eastern Conference championship.  Well, with the faith of this kid and the craziness of playoff hockey, maybe the Sabes can pull it out.  I'll be rooting for you, Buffalo.  In a not-really-thinking- about-it, passive kind of way. 

INFORMATIVE UPDATE:  The dad is chanting "Emery," as in the Sens' Ray Emery. 

With a sharp salute to my friends at the FanHaus 

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