By: 05.12.08

"Saint Andrew's Net" is With Leather's daily link dump, written by the bane of respectable journos and scrupulous primates alike, Michael Tunison. Expect sports and tits.

  • The Angry T has a retrospective of the 25 worst athlete ads ever. I don't care if it was fake, the Gheorghe Muresan cologne ad belongs in there. 
  • Vegas Watch places odds on Chipper Jones batting .400 based on plate appearances. How about based on the number of bags under his eyes? He's got a few.
  • Josh Q. Public has the video of the headbutt and flop by Man U's Nani. Does a Ginobili proud.
  • Joe Sports Fan honors the men that made historic home runs possible . Can't we honor biker chicks and cowgirls instead?
  • FANartisch has footage of a goalie own-goal with a crossbar assist. Shades of this

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