By: 05.05.08

Here you see Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas getting set on fire.  I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed that (a) this doesn't happen to more soccer players, and (b) fire-retardant technology is so advanced.

Surprisingly, Fabregas wasn't just hanging out with a bunch of friends and some gasoline when they spontaneously decided to try this.  It's apparently a Nike-made viral video to promote the creatively-titled Cesc Fabregas Show, which debuts on SkySports in two weeks.  And by posting this video and sharing information about the show, I did everything the evil ad geniuses at Nike wanted me to do.  Dammit, Nike!  You used me!  Never again!

Still, though: it was pretty cool when they set him on fire. 

[FanHaus via Deadspin]

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