By: 06.05.08

Elaine Fulps, a 60-year-old woman who attended Tuesday night's Grand Prairie AirHogs game, was rewarded by winning the evening's special promotional prize: a $10,000 funeral.

"I almost croaked many times," said Fulps, who was wearing a neck brace – the most recent effect of about 20 surgeries she's undergone for various medical problems. "God still has me around for a reason. To win a funeral."

I did this once.  I rented a bingo hall and promised the same prize to one lucky senior citizen.  Then I was all, "Surprise!  You ALL win!"  They were really thrilled until I released the hounds.  Oh man, what a hoot.  If they hadn't been so old and bothersome to their families, someone surely would have pressed charges.

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