History can be so unkind to the losers
The Knicks Are Going to Give Stephon Marbury One More Chance


By 08.14.08

Fanhouse dug up this indescribably fantastic footage of NHL MVP Alexander Ovechkin promoting a contest on Russian TV where the first woman to guess his cell phone number wins a date with him. And what a catch! He's 2 meters tall! 95 kilos!

Among the choice quotes:

[Exposing his underwear] "See…Classy…Soviet red…OOOOOHH!"

[Regarding American girls] "They say hello, I say hey, next thing you know they say rape. It's about money. Next thing you know you are arrested."

"Last time I checked before I flew over here, there were over 20,000 rubles in my account. I have no money."

[About his ideal Russian bride] "Show me one such girl and I'd fall on my knees and say, 'You are my temple of poetry.'"


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