By: 12.19.08

Montgomery police arrested 10 people in a prostitution sting, and 28-year-old Leslie Parker, seen here supporting Nick Saban’s Sugar Bowl-bound Crimson Tide, was one of seven women arrested.  I think I speak for everyone when I say RAWR!

For your viewing pleasure, the Montgomery Adviser has compiled a photo gallery of the mug shots, and let’s just say that your average small-city Alabama hooker is a much different breed than the high-priced Vegas call girl.  Or so I would imagine.  It’s not like I’ve strangled one to get off before.  Ha ha.  No, I’m not sweating.  You’re sweating.  What am I, on trial?

I am?  Oh.  I guess that explains the 12 strangers in the box over there.

[The Sporting Blog]

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