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By 04.09.09

The Michael Phelps Party Bus is back into high gear. This time the kid that won eight gold medals in Beijing was spotted in Marquee, which I guess is one of those New York City bars where they make people wait outside for a while so the place looks important. From the NY Daily News:

“Michael was definitely having a good time,” an eyewitness tells us. “He was drinking straight from a bottle of Grey Goose, and when the deejay started playing M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes,’ he got up, started dancing like a loon and kept on yelling, ‘Shots!'”

Phelps also bought four bottles of vodka and made out with his girlfriend. In other words, he acted like a 23-year-old that actually has money. I hope he steals a monster truck and runs over a Greyhound bus full of hookers because I’m getting annoyed with these “Oooh, Michael Phelps drank a swill of alcohol! Now he’ll never be ready for the Olympics in three years!” Whatever.


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