By: 04.03.09

Every Friday we pick the winners to the week’s most flamboyant matchups. Home teams get special recognition with ALL CAPS.

North Carolina over Villanova. I really want to pick Nova here, but the Tar Heels are just too good. If it was boxing match, I’d bet against Hansbrough in a minute.

UConn over Michigan State. It’ll be a short bus ride back to campus for the Spartans. That’s the true home-court advantage–getting drunk before anyone else can.

Stomach Acid over Hitting for Average. Ichiro’s already on the DL with a stomach ulcer. Sounds truly nagekawashii for one of the game’s biggest stars. Bansai!

Philadelphia over Atlanta. It’s another baseball season, which means SportsCenter is all but unwatchable for the next six months. Booly.

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