By: 05.13.09  •  6 Comments

We love athletes that play for the love of the game, even if “play” sometimes takes the interpretation of “beat the snot from thy opponent’s body,” which is what happened at the end of Anaheim’s win against Detroit in Game 6. They just couldn’t wait to start Game 7, and some mighty scuffling occurred therein. Boston also managed to force a Game 7 by beating Carolina, but they did it in a much less masculine way. Aaron Ward played, despite having a bruised vagina.

More quasi-brawlishness after the jump, specifically from the ice hockey world championships in Switzerland where the United States and Switzerland played off for the bronze medal. And I guess America really wanted that bronze because they get a little chippy here toward the end of the game. So now the Swedes have the bronze and the hotter women. Not that it matters to me; I’m spoken for. Sorry, ladies. And homos.

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